Buster Keaton Birth Chart


October 4 1895 3:00am
Piqua, KS 66761, USA

(A) - From memory

10° Libra

15° Aries

29° Leo
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Opposition Trine Inconjunct Sextile Square Semi-Square Venus Virgo Lunar South Node (True) Sun Libra Mars Mercury Scorpio Saturn Uranus Lunar North Node (True) Pisces Moon Aries Neptune Gemini Pluto Jupiter Leo Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Taurus Cancer 14'32'37'24º27'26º54'27º25'29º14'32'37'24º27'26º54'27º25'29º2'RX40'12ºRX0'18º35'15ºRX43'12º54'17º33'18'9'13º52'10ºRX43'12ºRX43'18º121110987654321

Joseph Frank "Buster" Keaton was an American actor, comedian, and filmmaker. He is best known for his silent films, in which his trademark was physical comedy with a consistently stoic, deadpan expression that earned him the nickname "The Great Stone Face". Critic Roger Ebert wrote of Keaton's "extraordinary period from 1920 to 1929" when he "worked without interruption" as having made him "the greatest actor-director in the history of the movies". In 1996, Entertainment Weekly recognized Keaton as the seventh-greatest film director, and in 1999 the American Film Institute ranked him as the 21st-greatest male star of classic Hollywood cinema.

Planet / Body Category House Longitude Declination

Sun Sun

Luminaries 2nd 10° 52' 59" -4° 18' 35"

Moon Moon

Luminaries 8th 15° 35' 13" 8° 45' 25"

Mercury Mercury
Personal Planets

Personal Planets 3rd 6° 18' 7" -16° 30' 37"

Venus Venus RX
Personal Planets

Personal Planets 1st 18° 43' 13" -1° 34' 52"

Mars Mars
Personal Planets

Personal Planets 2nd 13° 9' 57" -4° 36' 29"

Jupiter Jupiter
Social Planets

Social Planets 12th 5° 2' 40" 19° 20' 27"

Saturn Saturn
Social Planets

Social Planets 3rd 6° 33' 14" -11° 38' 31"

Uranus Uranus
Transpersonal Planets

Transpersonal Planets 3rd 17° 54' 34" -16° 53' 34"

Neptune Neptune RX
Transpersonal Planets

Transpersonal Planets 10th 18° 0' 56" 21° 27' 14"

Pluto Pluto RX
Transpersonal Planets

Transpersonal Planets 10th 12° 40' 32" 11° 42' 54"

Lunar North Node (True) Lunar N. Node (T) RX
Lunar Nodes

Lunar Nodes 7th 12° 43' 38" -6° 47' 14"

Lunar South Node (True) Lunar S. Node (T) RX
Lunar Nodes

Lunar Nodes 1st 12° 43' 38" 6° 47' 14"
Sun Luminaries
Moon Luminaries
Mercury Personal Planets
Venus Personal Planets
Mars Personal Planets
Jupiter Social Planets
Saturn Social Planets
Uranus Transpersonal Planets
Neptune Transpersonal Planets
Pluto Transpersonal Planets
Lunar Mean Nodes Lunar Nodes
Lunar True Nodes Lunar Nodes
Ascendant-Descendant Great Intersections
Midheaven (MC-IC) Great Intersections
Vertex Great Intersections
Black Moon (Mean) Lunar Apsides
Black Moon (Natural) Lunar Apsides
Black Moon (Osculating) Lunar Apsides
Chiron Centaurs
Pholus Centaurs
Ceres Asteroids
Pallas Asteroids
Juno Asteroids
Vesta Asteroids
Node of Mercury

Geocentric & Heliocentric

Planetary Nodes
Node of Venus

Geocentric & Heliocentric

Planetary Nodes
Node of Mars

Geocentric & Heliocentric

Planetary Nodes
Node of Jupiter

Geocentric & Heliocentric

Planetary Nodes
Node of Saturn

Geocentric & Heliocentric

Planetary Nodes
Node of Uranus

Geocentric & Heliocentric

Planetary Nodes
Node of Neptune

Geocentric & Heliocentric

Planetary Nodes
Node of Pluto

Geocentric & Heliocentric

Planetary Nodes
Lot of Spirit

Day/Night Sect Option

Calculated Points
Lot of Fortune

Day/Night Sect Option

Calculated Points
Cupido Hypothetical Bodies
Hades Hypothetical Bodies
Zeus Hypothetical Bodies
Kronos Hypothetical Bodies
Apollon Hypothetical Bodies
Admetos Hypothetical Bodies
Vulcanus Hypothetical Bodies
Poseidon Hypothetical Bodies
From Aspect To Type Orb
Sun Sun Opposition Moon Moon Separating -4° 42' 14"
Sun Sun Conjunction Mars Mars Applying +2° 16' 58"
Sun Sun Parallel Mars Mars Applying +0° 17' 54"
Sun Sun Trine Pluto Pluto Applying -1° 47' 33"
Sun Sun Inconjunct Lunar North Node (True) Lunar N. Node (T) Applying +1° 50' 38"
Moon Moon Opposition Mars Mars Separating -2° 25' 15"
Moon Moon Inconjunct Uranus Uranus Applying -2° 19' 21"
Moon Moon Sextile Neptune Neptune Applying +2° 25' 42"
Moon Moon Sextile Pluto Pluto Separating -2° 54' 40"
Mercury Mercury Square Jupiter Jupiter Separating +1° 15' 26"
Mercury Mercury Conjunction Saturn Saturn Applying +0° 15' 7"
Mercury Mercury Parallel Uranus Uranus Applying +0° 22' 57"
Mercury Mercury Trine Lunar North Node (True) Lunar N. Node (T) Applying +6° 25' 31"
Venus Venus Semi-Square Jupiter Jupiter Separating -1° 19' 26"
Venus Venus Sextile Uranus Uranus Applying -0° 48' 39"
Venus Venus Square Neptune Neptune Applying +0° 42' 17"
Venus Venus Square Pluto Pluto Applying +6° 2' 41"
Venus Venus Opposition Lunar North Node (True) Lunar N. Node (T) Applying -5° 59' 35"
Venus Venus Conjunction Lunar South Node (True) Lunar S. Node (T) Applying +5° 59' 35"
Mars Mars Trine Neptune Neptune Applying -4° 50' 58"
Mars Mars Trine Pluto Pluto Separating +0° 29' 25"
Mars Mars Inconjunct Lunar North Node (True) Lunar N. Node (T) Separating -0° 26' 19"
Jupiter Jupiter Square Saturn Saturn Applying +1° 30' 34"
Saturn Saturn Contra-Parallel Pluto Pluto Applying +0° 4' 23"
Saturn Saturn Trine Lunar North Node (True) Lunar N. Node (T) Applying +6° 10' 23"
Uranus Uranus Inconjunct Neptune Neptune Applying -0° 6' 21"
Uranus Uranus Trine Lunar North Node (True) Lunar N. Node (T) Separating -5° 10' 56"
Neptune Neptune Conjunction Pluto Pluto Separating +5° 20' 23"
Pluto Pluto Square Lunar North Node (True) Lunar N. Node (T) Applying -0° 3' 5"
Pluto Pluto Square Lunar South Node (True) Lunar S. Node (T) Applying +0° 3' 5"
Conjunction 0° 0'
Semi-Sextile 30° 0'
Decile 36° 0'
Novile 40° 0'
Semi-Square 45° 0'
Septile 51° 25'
Sextile 60° 0'
Quintile 72° 0'
Bi-Novile 80° 0'
Square 90° 0'
Bi-Septile 102° 51'
Trine 120° 0'
Sesquiquadrate 135° 0'
Bi-Quintile 144° 0'
Inconjunct 150° 0'
Tri-Septile 154° 17'
Quad-Novile 160° 0'
Quindecile 165° 0'
Opposition 180° 0'


361° 0'


362° 0'
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