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LUNA® comes packed with lots of great features to help you learn and practice astrology. Updates are ongoing, to keep you going.

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  • Installable on Mobile Homescreens
  • Unlimited Charts with Custom Tagging
  • 4 Types of Auxiliary Charts
  • Biwheels & Synastry Charts
  • Composite Midpoint Charts
  • Write, Organize & Share Chart Notes
  • Print, Download & Email Chart PDFs
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  • Real-Time Chart Animation
  • Interactive Charts
  • Innovative Data Visualization
  • Multiple Chart Styles
  • Chart Auto-Scaling
  • Chart Zooming (mousewheel and pinch-zoom)
  • Change Settings On-The-Fly
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  • 1,000 CE - 9,999 CE Support
  • Search for Exact Timings of Astrological Events
  • Generate Localized & UTC Ephemeris Data.
  • Selectable Time Increments (1 minute to 10 years)
  • 8 Data Points from 2 Coordinate Systems
  • Downloadable Results as CSV
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  • Works on Any Desktop or Laptop
  • Works on Any Mobile Device
  • Works on Any Tablet Device
  • Supports Mac, Windows & Linux
  • Supports ChomeBooks & Google Devices
  • Supports iPhone, iPad & Android Devices
  • Installable on Mobile Homescreens
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  • Solar & Lunar Color Themes
  • Custom Home Location
  • 9 House Systems
  • 9 Zodiacs
  • 42 Chart Points
  • 21 Aspects with Custom Orbs
  • Geocentric & Heliocentric Planetary Nodes
  • Parallax or Geocentric Moon
  • Sect or Fixed Part/Lot Calculations
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Loyalty Program.
  • Automatic Enrollment
  • Consistent Pricing
  • Valid for Life
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Full LUNA® Access
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While there is no free trial period for LUNA® at this time, note that you can signup for the monthly plan for only $7.99 today, then cancel at any time.

Of course, if you're planning to use LUNA® for a while, the yearly plan of $59.99 saves you over 35% over the course of a year!

You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your LUNA® account then navigating to Your Name > My Account > Manage Subscription & Billing.

This will open your billing portal where you can cancel your subscription.

It is important to note you will continue to receive full access to LUNA® until the end of your current billing cycle, which is shown in your billing portal.

All payments are made at the start of your billing cycle, whether you are paying monthly or yearly. At this time, LUNA® does not offer any refunds (prorated or in full) when canceling your subscription.

Please note that even if you do cancel your subscription, you will continue to have full access to LUNA® for the remainder of your current billing period.

YES! Once you select your plan (monthly or yearly), you simply use your email address and password to login.

You can login using any device connected to the internet with no restrictions.

Cloud software (also called a "web app") requires no installation and is delivered through your web browser.

This means you can login to LUNA® anytime you're online, and with any device.

Updates are deployed to LUNA® on an ongoing basis and are handled completely by us.

You will be delighted to login and see new features show up automatically, without ever needing to install or update any software.

And the best part? Updates are 100% free and do not cost extra.

The Loyalty Program is a built-in feature of LUNA®. When you signup for a subscription, you are automatically enrolled in the Loyalty Program. This program guarantees your current pricing plan indefinitely, regardless of any feature or pricing changes introduced to new customers.

If you are currently receiving Legacy Pricing, you are now automatically enrolled in the Loyalty Program.

For more details, please read more about the Loyalty Program here.

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