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Animatable Transit Charts

Navigate a transit chart to any time and location quickly and easily using the "Spacetime Navigator". Animations work on biwheels and on applicable auxiliary charts.

Auxiliary Charts

Cast additional chart types such as Secondary Progressions, Relocated Charts, Solar Arc Directions and Solar Returns.

Enhanced Horoscopes

Select the planets and aspects to display on your charts through easily accessible settings. Unique chart points such as midpoints and planetary nodes can also display directly on the wheel.

Transit Notifier

Tell LUNA to notify you with a friendly email prior to an important transit date.

Cycle Navigator

Instantly access the exact Solar Ingress and Lunation Cycle charts for any time period automatically.

Chart Profiles

Save and organize charts in a "Chart Profile" where you can create a notebook, tags, and cast unlimited auxiliary charts. — all accessed seamlessly from one convenient location.

Immersive Experience

Explore important chart data directly on the horoscope by interacting with it. Extended chart data is readily available through the toolbar, providing a fluent method of navigating a "Chart Profile".

Chart Sharing

Download, email and share your charts from your laptop, tablet or phone. Post a chart image to social media to start a conversation.

Solar & Lunar Mode

Set you preferred color mode to the light and vibrant "Solar" theme, or to the smooth and lux "Lunar" theme. Switch back and forth between them easily as often as you like.

Founder's Message

The intention behind LUNA is to create an environment where people can learn, discover, and share... within the context of a metaphysical astrology.

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