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LUNA comes packed with lots of great features to help you learn and practice astrology. Updates are ongoing, to keep you going.

  • Save Unlimited Charts
  • Radix (natal/event) Charts
  • Secondary Progressed Charts
  • Solar Arc Directed Charts
  • Relocated Charts
  • Solar Return Charts
  • Biwheel Support
  • Real-Time Chart Animation
  • 8 Supported House Systems
  • Customizable Preferences
  • 35+ Chart Points
  • Planetary Nodes
  • 2 Color Themes
  • Interactive Charts
  • Midpoint Lists
  • Email, Download & Print Charts
  • Compatible with all Apple devices (macOS, iOS, iPhone & iPad)
  • Compatible with all Windows devices (desktops, laptops and Surface tablets)
  • Compatible with all Android devices (phones & tablets)
  • Compatible with Google Chromebooks
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Create Unlimited Charts & Profiles
  • Create a profile based on a person’s name or an event description.
  • Save multiple charts together to create a profile for a person or event.
  • Save unlimited charts of any available types.
  • Create custom tags to find charts easily.
  • Search through your chart profiles by any keyword, location, date, tag and Sun sign.
  • Create public or private notes for any chart (public notes will appear in the downloadable PDF).
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Use "App-Mode" on Your Smartphone & Tablet

Install LUNA on your mobile device's home screen to use it in "App Mode" where it behaves just like an app.

System Compatibility

As long as you are using a modern web browser and have internet connectivity, you can experience the full suite of functionality available.

Mac, iPad & iPhone
Android & Chromebook
Windows PCs & Laptops
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Interact with Your Charts
  • Change the current house system on the fly.
  • Use the "Spacetime Navigator" to animate charts, even within a biwheel.
  • Animate charts by various increments per year, month, week, day, hour or minute.
  • Select aspects, chart points and midpoints to reveal an in-depth datacard.
  • View aspects between biwheels by selecting a chart point from either chart.
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Sort & Search Chart Details in "DataSheets"
  • View, search and sort the aspect list for uniwheels and biwheels.
  • View interwheel aspects (aspect grid) between biwheels; and easily switch the columns and rows.
  • Get key insights and perspectives on your charts with the "Infographic" summary view.
  • View, search and sort the chart point list for uniwheels and biwheels.
  • Update the visible chart points directly from any horoscope.
  • View, search and sort the midpoint list for uniwheels and biwheels.
  • Update the visible midpoints directly from any horoscope.
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Generate Cycle Charts Instantly

View the exact Solar Ingress charts for any of the cardinal points in any given year.

View a set of charts representing 8-phases of the Sun-Moon cycle for any month and year.

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Create Your Own Dynamic Ephemeris
  • Create a custom ephemeris listing for all supported chart points, in your preferred format.
  • Download ephemeris results in a spreadsheet format to run offline reports or to share with a friend.
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Configure Your Custom Settings
  • Set your preferred home location for casting transit charts quickly.
  • Switch from either the "Solar" or "Lunar" color theme.
  • Set your default house system from any of the 8 supported types.
  • Customize which aspects to show and set your preferred orbs.
  • Display over 35 planets, asteroids, planetary nodes and other points to display on your horoscopes.
  • Mark any midpoint pair to display on all horoscope drawings.

Flexible Pricing

Affordable pricing provides immediate access to LUNA.

Full Moon

$ 3
Per Month
  • Pay month-to-month, cancel anytime.
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Solar Cycle

$ 25
Per Year
  • Pay once per year and save over 30%.
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