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LUNA comes packed with lots of great features to help you learn and practice astrology. Updates are ongoing, to keep you going.

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Create Unlimited Charts & Profiles

Create a profile based on a name or short description; and save all auxiliary charts together under this one profile.

With LUNA, you can save an unlimited number of charts and profiles.

Cast Auxiliary Charts

Generate the following charts with a single click or tap instantly:

  • Secondary Progressed
  • Solar Arc Directed
  • Solar Return
  • Relocated

Create Biwheels

You can load the current transits as a biwheel to a radix chart with a single click.

Auxiliary charts are just as easy to place around the radix, and you can drag & drop to re-arrange them.

Cast Composite Midpoint Charts

Setup a biwheel between any two radix charts, then cast a composite midpoint chart with a single click or tap.

LUNA makes it easy to flip back and forth between biwheel/synastry charts and composites.

LUNA Composite Chart Video Thumbnail
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See how to cast a composite midpoint chart with a single click or tap. LUNA makes it easy to flip between biwheels, composites and back again.

Tag, Organize & Search Charts

Create custom tags to find charts easily.

Then search through them by keyword, location, date, tag and Sun sign.

Create Notebooks & Reports

Create private or shareable notes for any chart.

Arrange each note card however you like, and also view them together in a chronological timeline. Notes can be kept private or shared with clients and friends.

Share & Download Charts

All charts (including biwheels) can be downloaded and emailed as PDF files.

You can optionally include any shareable notes you may have created along with a symbol key that's useful for sending to clients and beginners.

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Animate Space & Time

Use the Spacetime Navigator to fluently cast charts in real-time. Transit charts and auxiliary charts like SP, SA & returns can all animate easily.

LUNA generates charts fast so you can animate by increments of 1 minute to 10 years.

Change Settings On-The-Fly

When viewing a chart, you can change your calculation settings without losing your place.

Change the house system, Parallax Moon, zodiac, displayed chart points and midpoints from within the chart profile screen.

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See how fast and responsive LUNA is while animating charts in real-time on all of your devices.

Explore DataCards

LUNA charts are interactive which means you can click or tap on chart points, aspect glyphs and midpoints.

A DataCard will pop open revealing more in-depth details of the item you selected such as velocity, equatorial coordinates and other aspects.

Analyze DataSheets

Search & sort chart data in an instant with DataSheets. Go deeper with your analysis by exploring the details of:

  • Aspects
  • Chart Points
  • Interwheel Aspects (for biwheels)
  • Midpoints

Visualize Your Data

A key DataSheet called the "Infographic" gives you a summary of the entire chart in a unique, innovative way.

Great for beginners and seasoned pros, the "Infographic" provides a summary of key astrological measurements including an Aspect Distribution, Declination Map and Hemisphere Emphasis.

Icon For Thunder-move Ephemeris

Generate Custom Ephemeris

Create a UTC or localized ephemeris for all supported chart points.

Set your desired start & end dates to establish a timeline, then select from increments of 1 minute to 10 years.

You can also choose from DMS and/or decimal notation. This is very useful if you want to import the data into a spreadsheet.

Configure Data Points

Choose from any of the following:

  1. Longitude
  2. Longitude Velocity
  3. Latitude
  4. Latitude Velocity
  5. Declination
  6. Declination Velocity
  7. Right Ascension
  8. Right Ascension Velocity

Download Ephemeris Results

In addition to viewing your custom ephemeris on-screen, you can also download the data in a spreadsheet format to run offline reports or to share with a friend.

Explore Millennia

Cast charts and generate ephemeris data from 1,000 CE — 9,999 CE.

LUNA uses the industry-standard Swiss Ephemeris for all astrological calculations.

Calculate Solar Ingress Cycles

One-click, instant access to all 4 solar ingress charts within LUNA's supported ephemeris range is available from the "Cycles" navigation menu.

Calculate Sun-Moon Cycles

One-click, instant access to a set of 8 charts for the Sun-Moon cycle is also available; and each chart can be saved for placing into biwheels.

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Custom Settings

The following is a list of all of the different configuration settings available in LUNA. Some settings can be changed directly from the chart profile view. These are indicated with a checkmark under the "Inline" column.

Option Selectable Values Inline
Home Location Set your preferred home location for calculating transits. This setting can be changed easily at any time.
Color Theme Solar
House System Campanus
0ยบ Aries
Whole Sign
Locus / Parallax Moon Geocentric
Parallax Moon
Lot Calculations Respect Diurnal/Nocturnal (sect)
Ignore Sect (fixed)
Planetary Nodes Geocentric
Zodiac Tropical
Djwhal Khul
Chart Points
Sun Sun
Moon Moon
Mercury Mercury
Venus Venus
Mars Mars
Jupiter Jupiter
Saturn Saturn
Uranus Uranus
Neptune Neptune
Pluto Pluto
Lunar North Node (Mean) Lunar Mean Nodes
Lunar North Node (True) Lunar True Nodes
Ascendant Ascendant-Descendant
Midheaven Midheaven (MC-IC)
Vertex Vertex
Black Moon Lilith (Mean) Black Moon (Mean)
Black Moon Lilith (Natural) Black Moon (Natural)
Black Moon Lilith (Osculating) Black Moon (Osculating)
Chiron Chiron
Pholus Pholus
Chariklo Chariklo
Nessus Nessus
Eris Eris
Haumea Haumea
Makemake Makemake
Orcus Orcus
Quaoar Quaoar
Sedna Sedna
Ceres Ceres
Pallas Pallas
Juno Juno
Vesta Vesta
Eros Eros
Hygiea Hygiea
Ixion Ixion
Varuna Varuna
North Node of Mercury Node of Mercury
North Node of Venus Node of Venus
North Node of Mars Node of Mars
North Node of Jupiter Node of Jupiter
North Node of Saturn Node of Saturn
North Node of Uranus Node of Uranus
North Node of Neptune Node of Neptune
North Node of Pluto Node of Pluto
Lot of Spirit Lot of Spirit
Lot of Fortune Lot of Fortune
Cupido Cupido
Hades Hades
Zeus Zeus
Kronos Kronos
Apollon Apollon
Admetos Admetos
Vulcanus Vulcanus
Poseidon Poseidon
Aspects & Orbs

You can set both applying & separating orbs on each of the following aspects:

Conjunction Conjunction
Semi-Sextile Semi-Sextile
Decile Decile
Novile Novile
Semi-Square Semi-Square
Septile Septile
Sextile Sextile
Quintile Quintile
Bi-Novile Bi-Novile
Square Square
Bi-Septile Bi-Septile
Trine Trine
Sesquiquadrate Sesquiquadrate
Bi-Quintile Bi-Quintile
Inconjunct Inconjunct
Tri-Septile Tri-Septile
Quad-Novile Quad-Novile
Quindecile Quindecile
Opposition Opposition
Parallel Parallel
Contra-Parallel Contra-Parallel
Midpoints The midpoint between any two chart points can be enabled for display on charts. Any number of midpoints can be enabled for display, and all midpoints are always available from the midpoints DataSheet regardless of settings.

LUNA includes the following system tags:

  • Natal
  • Event
  • Horary

You can create any number of additional custom tags and assign one or more of them to each of your profiles.

LUNA Setup & Configure Video Thumbnail
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See how easy it is to setup your new account and manage your preferences in LUNA.

Atlas & Timezones

LUNA geocodes all locations using Google Maps, so you can enter any searchable location such as a city and state, province and country, point of interest or even an exact address.

Timezone lookups are performed using the IANA Time Zone Database, the standard for all modern software and the Internet.

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Mac, iPad & iPhone

Android & Chromebook

Windows PCs & Laptops

Install LUNA in "App Mode"

Install LUNA on your mobile device's home screen to use it in "App Mode" where it can be used like a native smart phone application.

Connect All Your Devices

As long as you are using a modern web browser and have internet connectivity, you can experience the full suite of functionality available.

LUNA App Mode Video Thumbnail
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This short video will show you how to install LUNA on your smartphone or tablet.

Flexible Pricing

Affordable pricing provides immediate access to LUNA on all of your devices.

Monthly Plan

$ 5.00
Per Month
  • Pay month-to-month, cancel anytime.

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Yearly Plan

$ 36.00
Per Year
  • Pay once per year and save 40%.

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Educators, Workshops & Conferences...

Save Over 20%
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Here's how it works:

  • Purchase 10 or more seats at $28 per year per user*.
    (That's over a 20% discount on the already discounted yearly price.)
  • Maintain full control over your users' accounts through an easy to use admin panel that works on all your devices (demo available upon request).
  • Pay conveniently by check, credit or debit card.
  • Your individual users are always free to become independent from your group; and they'll maintain all of their own data when they do.
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* Custom pricing options available for short-term needs such as conferences and workshops.