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LUNA® comes packed with lots of great features to help you learn and practice astrology. Updates are ongoing, to keep you going.

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Create Unlimited Charts & Profiles

Create a profile based on a name or short description; and save all auxiliary charts together under this one profile.

With LUNA®, you can save an unlimited number of charts and profiles.

Cast Auxiliary Charts

Generate the following charts with a single click or tap instantly:

  • Secondary Progressed
  • Solar Arc Directed
  • Planetary Returns (Sun - Pluto)
  • Relocated

Create Biwheels

You can load the current transits as a biwheel to a radix chart with a single click.

Auxiliary charts are just as easy to place around the radix, and you can drag & drop to re-arrange them.

Cast Composite Midpoint Charts

Setup a biwheel between any two radix charts, then cast a composite midpoint chart with a single click or tap.

LUNA® makes it easy to flip back and forth between biwheel/synastry charts and composites.

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See how to cast a composite midpoint chart with a single click or tap. LUNA® makes it easy to flip between biwheels, composites and back again.

Tag, Organize & Search Charts

Create custom tags to find charts easily.

Then search through them by keyword, location, date, tag and Sun sign.

Create Notebooks & Reports

Create private or shareable notes for any chart.

Arrange each note card however you like, and also view them together in a chronological timeline. Notes can be kept private or shared with clients and friends.

Share & Download Charts

All charts (including biwheels) can be downloaded and emailed as PDF files.

You can optionally include any shareable notes you may have created along with a symbol key that's useful for sending to clients and beginners.

Flexible Pricing

Affordable pricing provides immediate access to LUNA® on all of your devices.

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