"Where free will & destiny become one."

Founder's Message

The intention of LUNA is to present a model of astrology as a conscious and creative act. The question of, "What does this mean?" is re-framed as, "What could this mean?" This subtle distinction orients us towards a simultaneous process of inward self-discovery and outward imagination.

Through deep inquiry, both new discoveries and new questions emerge. A continual engagement with mystery itself — both within ourselves and throughout the larger reality — actualizes as we consciously bring forth higher potentials latent within our true nature.

The potentials within us are represented in our birth chart. As a symbolic system, astrology connects these symbols to a larger pattern that, when integrated consciously, increases our awareness and inner harmony.

Every experience — every crisis and victory — finds context and meaning within the astrological cycles in the horoscope. As we inquire into the nature of these patterns, we increase our ability to integrate the conflicts both of our mind, and of our world.

— Kevin DeCapite
Founder & Developer

The Moon

Reflection of Essence.

As the Moon reflects the light of the Sun — symbolized as a reflection of an individual person's essence — so I perceive astrology as a reflection of something greater still: Cosmic Essence.

Thus whatever reality is, astrology reflects. It does not tell us everything. It cannot. As a mirror provides our semblance yet not ourselves, so too does astrology reveal a living picture of reality that symbolizes a larger reality.

For reality is bigger than the symbols we use to define it — whether they be linguistic, mathematic or esoteric. They remain as pointers and references to that which is.

With this in mind always, we can maintain a perspective that puts our essence first. The astrological symbolism then becomes a supportive instrument to help guide us into a greater revelation of ourselves. It furthers us towards a participatory and meaning-imbued role within a larger whole — be that in society, the world, or beyond.