To advance the field of astrology technically & philosophically.

LUNA® is a cloud service for collaborating and innovating new ways of approaching astrological data and thought.

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Astrological Core Values

LUNA® exists to contribute to the evolution of consciousness; but what does this mean?

Three principles create the intention to help make astrology alive and meangingful to the world. We believe applying these concepts engenders an experience of wholeness and greater participation in one's life, relationships and environment.

Map of Potentials.

Astrology can be a conscious and creative practice. For this to take place, the question, "What does this mean?" is re-framed as, "What could this mean?"

This subtle distinction allows us to inquire, reflect and contemplate. New discoveries and new questions emerge as we consciously bring forth higher potentials within our true and unique nature.

Path Toward Wholeness.

Every experience, crisis and victory finds context and meaning within astrological factors and cycles. Our inquiry into these patterns can increase our ability to integrate both our internal and external conflicts.

Through increased awareness of our subconscious needs and motivations, we can apply ever-increasing levels of free will choices in our lives.

Transpersonal Awareness.

What is beyond the individuation of the Self? Through the symbolism of astrology, we can ask life's biggest questions which include understanding our purpose and destiny.

Do we exist for ourselves alone, or are we evolving? If so, what are we evolving toward, and what is driving the process?

Founder's Message

What's in a name?

Welcome to LUNA®! I am glad you're here and have taken the time to read more about why LUNA® exists, and why I am taking part.


On a walk with my wife Sharon.

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As anyone who has studied astrology will tell you, there is a quality to the experience that both answers and asks many questions. While we learn about reasons for various facets of our lives, (both internal and external) we start wondering how it all works, and why.

It's these larger questions that motivate my enthusiasm for astrological inquiry. In some respects, I consider myself a meta-astrologer more than an astrologer, per se. Whatever terms one uses, it is my sincerest hope that LUNA® will become a service that can in some way assist you to explore these larger questions with me and others.

The world may laugh at us when we ask, "Why do we exist?", "Where did we come from?" and "Where are we going?", but you are encouraged to ask such questions here. In fact, I believe these existential questions are the most important questions of all.

Furthermore, I have also come to understand that the nature of inquiry leads to new questions. This is why — fundamentally — our knowledge and understanding of reality will always be a mystery. That needn't discourage us from asking the questions, however, for we have a lot to learn and gain in the process.

To me it suggests that our discoveries become pointers to our next waypoint.

It is in this spirit of attuning ourselves to new horizons that I have chosen the name "LUNA". For the Moon is a reflector and does not emit its own light. Instead it reflects the light of the Sun.

This is how astrology itself operates, in some respects, as the meanings we interpret and the discoveries we make point us to something which, although we may not identify it absolutely, may still draw us forward into new frontiers.


Kevin DeCapite
Founder & Developer


Learn more about the long-term vision of LUNA® and how the intention to advance the field of astrology technically and philosophically might be possible.

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