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LUNA is the web generation of astrology software.

Leverage the power of the cloud to practice and study astrology on any device.

What is Cloud Software?

Cloud software (also called a "web app") requires no installation and is delivered through your web browser. This means you can login to LUNA anytime you're online, and with any device.

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Can Professionals Use LUNA?

YES! Practicing Astrologers, students, teachers and enthusiasts can all use LUNA in their astrological studies. LUNA uses the industry-standard Swiss Ephemeris for high-precision calculations of horoscopes.

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Are Updates Really FREE?

YES! Updates are deployed to LUNA on an ongoing basis. You will be delighted to login and see new features show up automatically, without ever needing to install or update any software.

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What Does it Cost?

LUNA offers a no obligation 14-day FREE trial, with full access to all available features. After this trial period ends, continue accessing your account for just $9 a month.

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LUNA on a MacBook Pro.

In the Cloud. Still Grounded.

LUNA connects you, your devices and your astrological data, all with a simple login.

Enter chart data on your phone and cast the horoscope. Investigate it later from your desk, without having to re-enter the data. Need to email the chart while sitting on your couch? Grab your tablet and send away.

LUNA on a Windows desktop computer.

Naturally Fluent.

LUNA's form and function work together, helping you navigate new territory with ease.

Find where to go next with a simple glance of the screen. What you need will become available as you need it.

LUNA on a Microsoft Surface.

Beautifully Interactive Charts.

LUNA horoscopes are designed for readability and aesthetic immersion. They're also clickable.

Click or tap a symbol to open a popup panel revealing additional data. Pinch-and-zoom on your mobile device, and print high-resolution PDF documents to any scale.

LUNA Compatability

These brands are examples of systems that are compatible with LUNA.

As long as you are using a modern web browser and have internet connectivity, you can experience the full suite of functionality available.

Microsoft Windows




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The 14-day FREE trial gives you full access to every feature.

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$9 per month

Signup today and start your 14-day FREE trial (no credit card required). Start your subscription at any time once you activate your free trial.

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For educators / groups

Custom pricing to suit your needs.

Offer LUNA to your students as a value-added service. Let newcomers to astrology access professional astrology software without investing in up-front costs.

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Founder's Message

The intention behind LUNA is to create an environment where people can learn, discover, and share... within the context of a metaphysical astrology.

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