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Astrology App


LUNA is a cloud-based astrology app that is 100% compatible with all devices.

The professional astrology app for Apple, macOS, iOS, Android, Windows & Linux.


A cloud-based astrology app streamlines your practice by removing redundant data-entry. Your chart data is automatically synced across all of your devices.

Imagine having all of your chart data available no matter what device you are using. Enter chart data on your phone, and when you are back at your desk the chart will be there, ready to use. Make a correction to the birth time and when you're back on the couch with your tablet, the updated chart will appear just as you left it.


LUNA will ship with the following astrology app features.

Natal Horoscopes, Transits & Event Charts

LUNA uses the high-precision Swiss Ephemeris, covering over 30,000 years worth of astrological data. This means you can cast a horoscope for just about any time and any place imaginable.

Supplemental & Derivative Charts

LUNA makes it easy to cast subsidiary charts such as Solar Arcs, Secondary Progressions, Relocated charts, Harmonic and Return charts.


Transit and supplemental charts can be viewed as bi-wheels to natal charts. Furthermore, LUNA supports tri-wheels and quad-wheels, and can generate an aspectarian for any of these multi-wheel chart configurations.

Midpoints & Planetary Nodes

LUNA calculates midpoints for all chart point bodies in a variety of modulus settings, displaying them in a list or in a tree for easy reference. LUNA also displays planetary nodes for evolutionary astrology practice.

Chart Navigator

Quickly and easily navigate to any point in time, and any location on earth, using LUNA's natural and fluent Chart Navigator. In addition to stepping through time and viewing transit charts, LUNA also makes searching through the ephemeris fast and simple.

House Systems

Popular house systems supported by LUNA include: Campanus, Koch, Porphyry, Placidus & Regiomantus. Various equal house systems are also supported, along with the ability to cast a sunshine and whole sign chart.


Get connected with LUNA & receive a discount when it launches, with no obligation to buy.


LUNA is coming soon with flexible pricing to suit a variety of needs.


For Enthusiasts

$TBD Coming Soon
  • Cast a natal or transit chart
  • Cast select derivative charts

Full Moon

For Practitioners

$TBD Coming Soon
  • Unlimited home locations for casting transit charts
  • Unlimited natal charts with tagging & categorization
  • Unlimited derivative charts with the ability to save & share


For Educators

$TBD Coming Soon
  • Everything from the FULL MOON plan
  • Share charts with connected student accounts
  • Flexible pricing terms to fit your academic requirements