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LUNA® comes packed with lots of great features to help you learn and practice astrology. Updates are ongoing, to keep you going.

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Interactive Focus

LUNA® charts are interactive. Hover, tap and click to discover new ways to view your astrology data.

You can isolate various chart factors by selecting specific elements of your charts. This can be a very helpful learning and study tool to help focus attention on specific astrological factors.

Animate Space & Time

Use the Spacetime Navigator to fluently cast charts in real-time. Transit charts and auxiliary charts like SP, SA & returns can all animate easily.

LUNA® generates charts fast so you can animate by increments of 1 minute to 10 years.

Change Settings On-The-Fly

When viewing a chart, you can change your calculation settings without losing your place.

Change the house system, Parallax Moon, zodiac, displayed chart points and midpoints from within the chart profile screen.

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See how fast and responsive LUNA® is while animating charts in real-time on all of your devices.

Explore DataCards

LUNA® charts are interactive which means you can click or tap on chart points, aspect glyphs and midpoints.

A DataCard will pop open revealing more in-depth details of the item you selected such as velocity, equatorial coordinates and other aspects.

Analyze DataSheets

Search & sort chart data in an instant with DataSheets. Go deeper with your analysis by exploring the details of:

  • Aspects
  • Chart Points
  • Interwheel Aspects (for biwheels)
  • Midpoints

Visualize Your Data

A key DataSheet called the "Infographic" gives you a summary of the entire chart in a unique, innovative way.

Great for beginners and seasoned pros, the "Infographic" provides a summary of key astrological measurements including an Aspect Distribution, Declination Map and Hemisphere Emphasis.

Flexible Pricing

Affordable pricing provides immediate access to LUNA® on all of your devices.

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