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August 8, 2023

Third Quarter Square: Evolve Emotionally and Seize Opportunities

— Olivia Martinez
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Align with your authentic self, and unlock potential for emotional evolution and tangible success.

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The Third Quarter Square commenced on August 8th at 3:28 am PT, with the Sun at 15° Leo and the Moon at 15° Taurus.

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Seize the day with the Third Quarter Square in Taurus, grounding dreams into tangible reality. A time of reflection and emotional openness guides us toward a liberating state of non-attachment. Opportunities for growth are within reach, and we're encouraged to grasp them with a pragmatic, focused approach. A period of deep introspection helps us redefine our values, align with our authentic selves, and step into our true worth. Navigating these transformative shifts, Earth qualities offer a sturdy anchor for balance amid change. Embrace this pivotal moment, stay open to fresh perspectives, and unlock your potential for emotional evolution and tangible success.

Why it Matters

The Third Quarter Square is referred to as a "crisis of consciousness" where we gain clarity on the effectiveness of our strategies. It calls for taking full responsibility for our decisions and actions up to this point and approaching the evaluation process with impartiality. There are opportunities for taking corrective actions or giving one final push towards our goals, but we may also notice the energy waning, preceding the release of the present cycle. This phase encourages self-awareness as we navigate through transitions in our lives.

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The Third Quarter Square with the Moon conjunct Jupiter in grounded Taurus, transitions to qualities of patience, steadiness, thoroughness, and practicality. This archetype engages the five senses, appreciating life’s simplicity and is known for its sensuality, creativity, and natural artistic expression.

Our lunar journey from the New Moon to the Third Quarter Square has been impactful. The New Moon initiated the process of introspection and understanding our emotional needs in the sign of Cancer. Then, we transitioned into self-awareness and resilience at the First Quarter in Scorpio. The Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius expanded our creativity and collective vision. And now, with the Third Quarter in Taurus, we are grounding our aspirations into practical reality.

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Moon/Jupiter in Taurus square the Sun in Leo brings the potential for warmth and the expansion of our views and knowledge. These energies nurture our emotional need for connection and open-mindedness, leaving fear behind. By learning to appreciate each person's unique attributes rather than forcing conformity onto others, we find emotional balance through openness. Jupiter's influence pushes us to move beyond the boundaries of personal experience, encouraging travel, learning about other cultures, and broadening our philosophies and understanding of life and human behavior.

Taurus, motivated to find intrinsic value in its work and actions, seeks physical comfort, and behind its reliable nature lies a romantic center. Although cautious and risk-averse, Taurus may experience a softening of this trait during the conjunction with Jupiter. When expansion is utilized effectively, Taurus is capable of deep reflection, and its heightened senses are naturally attuned to the rhythms of life.

With its attachment to life's comfort, Taurus has the potential to discover a broader perspective through contemplation of the sufferings caused by this strong attachment. This process leads to a profound understanding of the inevitability of the life-death cycle. Attachment gives way to a deep appreciation for every moment, allowing us to live in a state of presence. Ultimately, Taurus develops a need to move toward a state of non-attachment to all things, leading to a profound sense of liberation and fulfillment.

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The Moon/Jupiter in Taurus forms a harmonious trine with Mercury/Mars in Virgo, creating a powerful 4-planet configuration in Earth signs. Jupiter in Taurus represents the continued emergence of stable opportunities, inviting us to seize the potential for growth and prosperity. This conjunction with Virgo prompts us to assess these opportunities carefully, ensuring they align with our long-term goals. Under the influence of Mercury and Mars in Virgo, our focus is driven towards practical tasks that encourage us to improve our health, organize our environment, and expand our knowledge and skills. This alignment fosters attention to detail, efficiency, and a pragmatic approach to achieving our goals, underscoring the significance of staying grounded and seizing the abundant opportunities in front of us.

This chart also presents Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus, with Venus in Retrograde prompting introspection of our values, desires, and self-worth. Uranus calls us to be open to shaking up our foundations, creating a new cycle where we can embody the true version of ourselves. Through this journey, we may discover that many of the ideals we once held were not genuinely supportive of our deeper selves. Uranus beckons us to cultivate "true individuality" by liberating ourselves from the influences of genetics, teachers, politics, religion, and economics. Embracing authenticity requires a willingness to learn directly from life, trusting in our natural intelligence. Uranus's influence requires breaking free from the shell of tradition and automatic beliefs, paving the way for greater fulfillment to unfold. The stabilizing influence of Taurus provides the anchor we need to find peace and appreciate the inherent beauty in our lives. Supportive earth allows us to navigate these shifts with grace and balance between inner growth and outer stability.


This week, ask yourself: How can I be open to new learning experiences and define my own unique path to success?

The Third Quarter Square offers us a valuable moment of introspection, self-awareness, and evaluation. The harmonious alignment of earthy Taurus and Virgo inspires practicality, stability, and steadfastness in our endeavors. This period challenges us to face our inherent attachments, instigating a journey toward liberation from fear and the embracing of non-attachment. Uranus's influence prompts us to break free from traditional beliefs, while Venus's retrograde beckons us to redefine our personal values. Embrace this phase of the lunar cycle, align with your authentic self, and unlock the potential for growth, expansion, tangible opportunities, and emotional evolution.

Astrological interpretations are by Jim Sher of the Sher Institute of Astrology & Metaphysics.

Olivia Martinez
Tuesday, August 8th, 2023

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