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July 25, 2023

First Quarter Moon: Facing Intensity, Invoking Will

— Olivia Martinez
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Embrace intensity, seize opportunities, and reassess values and relationships for growth.

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The First Quarter Moon commenced on July 25th, at 3:08 pm PT, with the Sun at 2° Leo opposing Pluto and squaring the Moon at 2° Scorpio

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The First Quarter Moon in Scorpio triggers a confrontation with our subconscious fears and beliefs, connected to our relationships and personal values. With six planets in fixed signs suggesting resistance to change, tension can easily escalate. Yet, Scorpio's resilience empowers us to face these internal shadows, leading to growth. This period emphasizes the need for emotional exploration and stability while highlighting the role of effective communication in our relationships.

Why it Matters

The First Quarter Moon is often referred to as a crisis of action, where a conscious effort is required to manifest the new "seed" and prevent the impulse from fading away. It's time to move forward without allowing insecurities to hold us back. If our desires align with our needs, progress will unfold, and the seeds we've planted will flourish. This phase urges us to take action, focus energy, and turn our New Moon intentions into reality. Embracing our determination, we can fully realize the potential of our new beginnings.

Go Deeper

This cycle commences with six planets in fixed signs including the Moon in Scorpio amplified by a square to Pluto. This configuration creates an intense environment for self-reflection, but the fixity indicates resistance to change, potentially heightening tension. It's best to tap into Scorpio's strong willpower to face any challenges that come up.

The Scorpio archetype is known for its passion and dedication. It delves deep to experience total immersion with something or someone, hoping to create something bigger. If Scorpio tries to control rather than cooperate, it loses its way, and its energy and creativity are reduced. On the other hand, if Scorpio can stay conscious and aware of itself and others as separate individuals, its presence becomes even stronger. It can then form a deep connection with another without losing its own identity. While attempting to merge, Scorpio must maintain boundaries and self-awareness to preserve its independence. Only then can its strong energy be beneficial rather than harmful. Scorpio needs to let go of its self-centered need for control to become complete in itself and benefit the wider world.

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Moon in Scorpio is moving into a trine with Saturn in Pisces offering an opportunity for disciplined emotional exploration. Supporting our capacity for inner strength, Saturn's influence fosters a sense of stability in the realm of emotions and intuition. We are encouraged to confront our deepest feelings and face the shadows within ourselves while Saturn's structured guidance asks us to see things clearly. By acknowledging our emotions with maturity and patience, we can cultivate resilience, as we navigate our inner world with compassion.

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Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus suggests stable opportunities are emerging. Over the next three weeks, we may encounter advantageous openings. By carefully assessing these opportunities and aligning them with our long-term goals, we can make meaningful progress during this period. Staying grounded in the present reality and taking advantage of emerging opportunities are vital.

Venus in Retrograde

It's important to note that Venus has just entered a six-week retrograde period. In its early stages, this retrograde turns our lens on our behavior and beliefs in relationships. This includes having hard conversations with people, leading many to reassess their positions, and potentially causing some situations to stand still. Alongside this, Mercury in Leo is moving toward a conjunction with Venus, meaning there will be an emphasis on communication and relationships, as well as all things feminine. This retrograde period forces us to clarify our positions with others, even if communication is difficult. It's an important step, a necessity for clearing the air. As a result, a reevaluation of our values and relationships is just beginning.


This week, ask yourself: How can I stabilize my emotions and seize emerging opportunities?

As we navigate this First Quarter Moon in Scorpio, our journey involves confronting subconscious fears and seizing steady opportunities. The current alignment, with its fixed resistance, pushes us to tackle challenges, revisit personal values, and foster transparency in relationships. Amid the backdrop of Venus retrograde, we're prompted to introspect deeply and reassess our values and relationships, setting the stage for transformative personal shifts. With these influences at play, our journey to self-understanding and growth becomes both a challenge and an opportunity.

Astrological interpretations are by Jim Sher of the Sher Institute of Astrology & Metaphysics.

Olivia Martinez
Tuesday, July 25th, 2023

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