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August 16, 2023

New Moon: Solar Drive for Creative Authenticity

— Olivia Martinez
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Celebrate your uniqueness and challenge norms while practicing creativity and authenticity in expressions and relationships.

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The New Moon commenced Wednesday, August 16th at 2:38 am PDT with the Sun and Moon at 23° Leo.

Big Picture

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Guided by the Leo New Moon, we confront our need for creative expression and self-discovery, while encouraging authenticity and embracing innate gifts. Challenge norms, and find inner freedom on the path to individuality. Life prompts a reevaluation of relationships and values, highlighting practicality and discernment. It's a moment to invite imagination while cautioning against fears that hold us back. As this cycle develops further, it will be very important to recognize the responsibilities that may result from the influx of this solar energy.

Why it Matters

The Leo New Moon comes right after the Sun/Venus Inferior Conjunction which represents the beginning of a larger cycle that is poised to redefine our personal values. This alignment creates a powerful moment for initiating new beginnings and sowing seeds within both lunar and Venus cycles. It's a time to reassess your desires, form new intentions, and be open to significant shifts. It is important to keep an open mind, and reflect on new projects, relationships, and opportunities. Exercise patience to avoid impulsive decisions without a real understanding of the situation.

Go Deeper

The New Moon at 23° Leo directs its solar energy toward creating new forms of artistic expression. This influence calls on us to live from the heart and get in touch with our individual gifts. Leo naturally stands out as a leader, emanating inherent charisma that earns respect from many and radiates confidence and warmth. One way to connect to the Leo archetype is to perceive it as an outpouring of one's inherent creative, spontaneous nature. Make the most of this New Moon cycle as an opportunity to learn and wholeheartedly embrace this aspect of ourselves.

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The Sun and Moon are in an exact square with Uranus at 23° Taurus disrupting the status quo and asking us to break free from self-imposed limitations. When Uranus is involved, our path to individuality is illuminated. It challenges conformity, encouraging us to question common consensus thinking. This process involves separating from external influences, fostering open-minded skepticism, and challenging established norms to uncover authentic truths about ourselves.

Echoing our prior article about the Venus Retrograde cycle and the Inferior conjunction between the Sun and Venus, a new emerging cycle begins to unfold. We've been engaged in a journey of reevaluating our personal values, and contemplating how our various relationships fit into the big picture. This process will continue to take shape, as Venus is retrograde until September 3rd. Patience remains essential as we collaborate with others who are also navigating the impact of Venus retrograde matters in their lives. We'll need to work together to navigate the ups and downs.

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Uranus' square to the New Moon and its sextile with Neptune make it an opportune time to let your imagination flourish. Imagination is the visionary that precedes creativity. We can think of this as a fluid process of going from ideation to tangible creation, giving form to something new and meaningful. Yet, it is essential to maintain awareness, as Neptune's imaginative influence should not lead us into indulging flights of fancy that are merely a repetition of past fears and ingrained patterns.

Finding Support

Currently, there are five planets in Earth Signs offering a stable ground to work from amidst a lot of change. Jupiter and Uranus, both in Taurus, form a trine with a Mercury/Mars conjunction in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn. This helps keep us grounded in our actions and aware of our needs rather than fantasies. Our unique contributions and ways of expression during this period may focus on practical applications and Virgoan analysis. Practically speaking, this involves discerning what aspects of your life you can manage and those beyond your control. That includes taking care of ourselves, focusing on our daily physical and mental health needs that help us stay motivated and feel alive.

Sabian Symbol

-Dane Rudhyar []

The Sabian Symbol for 24° depicts that concentrating our energy and awareness solely on our inner world might come at the expense of various forms of outward activity and care. This ties into our need to stay grounded and actively engage in pursuits that create positive momentum. The symbol emphasizes our need for total concentration, true focus on moving towards what we want, remembering that taking care of ourselves and the body that moves us through this world is an essential need too.


This week ask yourself: How can I nurture imagination and let my creativity flourish while staying grounded?

Our key lesson is to fully embrace our uniqueness, be spontaneous, and nurture our creative impulses, while challenging the status quo. This phase signifies new beginnings that call for genuine self-expression and authenticity. Stay connected to your imagination, navigate shifts in values and relationships, and anchor yourself by prioritizing personal well-being, including the physical

Astrological interpretations are by Jim Sher of the Sher Institute of Astrology & Metaphysics.

Olivia Martinez
Wednesday, August 16th, 2023

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