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August 1, 2023

Full Moon: Personal and Collective Opportunities

— Olivia Martinez
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Seize opportunities through discernment, authentic creativity, and objectivity for personal and collective growth.

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The Full Moon began August 1st at 11:31 am PT with the Sun at 9° Leo opposing the Moon at 9° Aquarius.

Big Picture

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The Full Moon in Aquarius ushers in a wave of potential opportunities, where creativity intersects with innovation for growth on both personal and societal levels. Careful deliberation and patience are advised in decision-making to fully seize these opportunities. We're urged to move toward authenticity, balancing Leo's creativity and Aquarius's objectivity. We’re called to celebrate diversity, create for the joy of it, and align our growth with the broader needs of our community. The potential for tangible progress creates an opportunity to shed illusions and assert ourselves in the world.

Why it Matters

The Full Moon is a time of revelation and culmination as the “seed” intentions planted during the New Moon phase come to fruition. Emotions and energies are intensified, shedding light on the effects of past decisions and actions. Heightened awareness allows us to see the bigger picture, facilitating impartiality and clarity in our perceptions. Power and energy surge as we are free to act upon our newfound understanding and make strides toward personal growth.

Go Deeper

The Full Moon on the Leo/Aquarius axis blends creativity and innovation, broadening our perspective and pushing us to new heights at the peak of the cycle. Fixed signs, like Aquarius and Leo, are recognized for their determination, focus, and ability to see things through to the end. The Aquarius and Leo archetypes invite us to broaden our vision beyond personal aspirations to perceive and address broader needs.

Aquarius at its best displays a mature use of power, to benefit the society, not just itself. For Aquarius, serving humanity is not an ideal—it's a necessity. It contributes to the larger collective by assessing situations objectively and rationally. To use this skill, Aquarius needs to be emotionally mature, understand the big picture, and have the courage to face challenges. This brings us to the spiritual question: how can we transition from fear to love? Aquarius' goal is to celebrate diversity, absorb different perspectives, and steadily broaden its understanding based on insights. The end goal is for humanity to become more individuated, with many enlightened "Buddhas" in every large community, not just one for the whole world.

Likewise, Leo's potential is realized when its innate talents and creativity are not used for gaining praise or inflating the ego, but when it becomes aware of the creative process itself. This awareness allows creativity to flow through an individual without leading them to believe they are the sole source of inspiration. Instead, they understand that it's a shared dance with muses beyond themselves and collaboration with others, a process that moves beyond the chase for recognition or applause.

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The Sun in creative Leo is amplified as it squares Jupiter in Taurus, forming a T-square with Jupiter as the focal point. This aspect reaches exact alignment on August 5th, intensifying the effect. This suggests that opportunities emerging during this time carry an increased likelihood of materializing in a concrete way. The T-square brings an element of tension and challenge that, when harnessed effectively, can result in substantial growth. This period is ripe for tangible progress, urging us to pay attention to opportunities that may bring fruitful results.

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Mars trine Jupiter, combined with Mercury's opposition to Saturn, also points to the dawn of steady opportunities. With Mercury in Virgo, we're gifted with the analytical abilities to iron out any issues or complexities that may arise, allowing for more precise understanding and action. It's important to remember that the influence of the Full Moon extends for a week, implying that whatever is surfacing during this time should be addressed with practicality and patience. If opportunities or situations arise that don't seem quite solid or reliable, it's likely in our best interest to steer clear. This climate encourages diligence, discernment, and patient progress.

Sabian Symbol

-Dane Rudhyar []

The Sabian Symbol for 10° Aquarius emphasizes the importance of acknowledging our innate complexity as humans, rather than confining ourselves or others to idealized mental images. It implores us to understand that our perceptions can often be far removed from reality. The symbol poses a question: What is the true impact of these illusory images on the person they are imposed upon? It presents this tension between image and reality as an opportunity for self-revaluation, challenging us to peel back the layers of illusion and confront the truth of our identities. It's a plea for authenticity, transcending our assumptions to cultivate acceptance of the full, nuanced personhood within us all.


This week, ask yourself: How can I embrace creative opportunities to benefit both myself and my community?

The Aquarius Full Moon opens a pathway to growth and fresh possibilities, blending creativity with a vision for the greater good. It encourages us to think carefully about our choices and to balance our own needs with those of others. Guided by Leo's creativity and Aquarius's desire to help, we're called to face challenges with patience and clear thinking. This time of the Full Moon invites us to grow in ways that are satisfying for ourselves and beneficial to the world around us, fostering a genuine connection to our role within the community.

Astrological interpretations are by Jim Sher of the Sher Institute of Astrology & Metaphysics.

Olivia Martinez
Tuesday, August 1st, 2023

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