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April 7, 2024

Total Solar Eclipse: Unleashing Your Inventiveness

— Olivia Martinez
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This article is by Jim Sher, an astrological counselor and teacher deeply engaged with astrology, metaphysics, and esoteric philosophy since the 1970s. He authored 'Astrology as a Spiritual Path: Birth of the New Human,' proposing a new approach for exploring one's spiritual journey through astrology. Sher, who also founded the Sher Institute of Astrology & Metaphysics, uses his background in social work and Jungian theory to deepen his clients' understanding of themselves, showcasing astrology's immense value.

Solar eclipses are a very important phenomenon in astrology. They occur every 6 months or so, but some of them are much more potent than others. This particular Solar eclipse occurring on April 8, 2024 is unusually strong because it is a total eclipse, which only occurs every 18 months or so. I regard Solar eclipses as being “inertia destroyers.” By this I mean that all of us tend to desire that our lives remain stable and predictable. But, when we do this, we are promoting inertia which wants to keep everything the same. This is unlikely to be the case with this solar eclipse, especially since total eclipses bring about even stronger shifts in our lives. To know how we will be affected, we must find out where the eclipse occurs in our own natal chart.

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Understanding the Saros Cycle: 8 North

In addition, astrologers pay close attention to the particular Saros cycle, which in this case is referred to as 8 North. This particular Saros cycle is very Uranian, which tends to bring about sudden and surprising changes. Also, it can push us towards increased inventiveness and flashes of genius, through intuitive leaps, insights, or vivid dreams. This period will last several weeks or even more depending on what we do to use the new ideas coming into our consciousness. We may need some time alone at this time so we can be free to explore the new ideas we are experiencing and develop them more deeply.

Astrological Alignment: 19° Aries Conjunct Mercury Retrograde

This Solar eclipse occurs at 19° Aries and is conjunct Mercury retrograde. This suggests that it is likely that one will be encouraged to change one’s mind about long-standing viewpoints in order to create new opportunities for resolutions. One of the other ways one can add to one’s interpretation is by using Dane Rudhyar’s Sabian symbols. This eclipse symbol’s image is “A young girl feeding birds in winter,” and suggests that one can overcome crises through love and compassion. It is when we can be enlivened by becoming open to the prompting of love and sympathy bringing us into a higher level of being.

When I combine all of these archetypal principles into a single theme I am impressed by the feeling that this is a wonderful time to open oneself to love as a unifying principle leading to an open-hearted life full of spontaneous inspiration. It can include being willing to forgive someone so that new ways of relating can emerge and grow. It’s certainly a good time to seriously consider this option as it can truly enliven us in ways we cannot predict.

Moving Towards a Full Moon in Taurus and Scorpio

Where this is leading: in two weeks we will have a Full Moon on April 23, 2024. At this moment all of the Aries New Moon energy will be converted into the more stable fixed energy of Taurus and Scorpio. In addition, just a few days earlier there will be a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 21° Taurus. This will begin a new 13-year cycle urging us to work on concrete goals with consistency and steadfastness. If we do this what we will create will be lasting and enduring. I will write more on this important transit in my next article in two weeks.

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Olivia Martinez
Sunday, April 7th, 2024

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