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July 3, 2023

Full Moon: Grounded Authentic Expansion

— Olivia Martinez
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Embrace grounded opportunities aligned with our inner needs while expressing our creativity.

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The Full Moon in Capricorn asks us to manifest according to our nature and see life realistically. We may naturally gravitate towards actions that help us establish stability and structure. Opportunities we find now are promising for the long term but demand ongoing effort. Although there may be a dreamy quality, there is a clear shift towards groundedness. Upcoming changes prompt us to be true to ourselves and express our individuality. As we navigate life, we are inspired to take bold, unconventional steps and break away from societal expectations.

Why it Matters

The Full Moon cycle brings realization and culmination, helping us see things from a broader perspective. It reminds us that ebbs and flows are a natural part of life. During the Full Moon, energy reaches its peak.

Go Deeper

Two weeks ago, the New Moon Cycle started with a Square to Neptune, asking us to perceive our innate connection to others and to accept the reality of uncertainty. It is human nature to seek comfort and reliability, but it's in the unknown where potentials exist. Neptune nudges us to imagine more freely and allows our rigid expectations to be broken. There is a point when even dreams become limitations if they take us out of the joy of the moment. This implies that neither force nor control can propel us toward greater heights. When we stop relying on old expectations, we can attain a richer experience. At this time, a new foundation is being built for something more enduring.

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During this Full Moon, there is a five-planet configuration with Saturn Retrograde, trine Sun/Mercury, sextile the Moon, and Jupiter, all acting as a launch pad for manifestation. We are encouraged to be open-minded and receptive to practical ventures. The more grounded a concept seems, the more worthwhile it is to investigate. Prospects during this period hold long-term growth potential. By staying dedicated and committed, we can build something significant. It's essential to approach these opportunities with discernment, differentiating between fleeting ideas and those with lasting rewards.

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The Venus/Mars conjunction in Leo, squaring Uranus, magnifies our need for personal creative freedom. It reminds us to express ourselves in a way that is uniquely our own while embracing spontaneity. Being open to improvisation and wholeheartedly saying "Yes!" to our creative urges can unlock joy and excitement. Creativity extends beyond artistic endeavors and encompasses aligning with our needs and being attuned to our unique ideas and perspectives. Saturn encourages us to take responsibility for how we respond to external events, promoting our personal growth. As creators of our world, we hold the power to choose our reactions and emotions toward life's events. Life reciprocates when we actively engage in our progress.


This week, ask yourself: Which realistic prospects support self-expression and collaboration?

The Capricorn Full Moon compels us to embrace authenticity and realism in our approach to life. It urges us to broaden our perspective and let go of rigid expectations. By expressing ourselves and collaborating with others, we can establish a solid foundation for success. Within these ventures lie opportunities with long-term potential, requiring our dedicated effort. If we wholeheartedly pursue them, we can uncover tangible possibilities that lead to meaningful outcomes.

Astrological interpretations are by Jim Sher of the Sher Institute of Astrology & Metaphysics.

Olivia Martinez
Monday, July 3rd, 2023

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