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March 21, 2023

New Moon at 0° Aries: Ignite Your Potential

— Olivia Martinez
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The New Moon at 0° Aries urges us to welcome the new and realize the power of untapped potential. It's a period of letting go of unproductive patterns, exploring new possibilities, and approaching the present moment with openness.

This week, ask yourself: What are some ways I can let go of old beliefs and behaviors to grow and heal?

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The New Moon occurring on March 21st at 10:23 am PT at 0° Aries commences the archetypal new year.

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Spring is in full swing when 0° Aries commences the archetypal new year. All the affairs in the past few months have led to this point. There are now four planets in Aries, as well as Chiron, creating an atmosphere of excitement and a desire to take action. This high-energy New Moon signifies the beginning of a new phase of activity that will unfold during the spring months.

For reactive individuals, Aries squaring Mars can elicit passions and the desire to act on hostile feelings. But for those willing to work with their thoughts and emotions, the New Moon can be a catalyst for growth and healing, marking a fresh start.

Pluto will leave Capricorn in two days and move into Aquarius, forming a sextile to the New Moon, further amplifying the theme of new beginnings. A semi-square to Uranus suggests that one of the issues we will face is how to be more authentic and true to our unique nature. Aries and Mars tend to be impetuous, so taking things slowly might be difficult. The best thing we can do is to remain open to new ideas. The archetype of 0° Aries is pure potential and needs time to develop.

Jupiter's conjunction with Chiron, the wounded healer, challenges us to face fear courageously and confront painful experiences that restrict us from embracing the unknown. We may discover that the pull of the past has become a familiar crutch we are unwilling to let go of, preventing us from moving forward. Our journey with Chiron helps us uncover emotional wounds and reveal higher understandings. It's a process of personal growth and self-discovery that can lead to a greater sense of wholeness. We may come to realize that our pain is not just our own but universal building blocks that shape our collective experience. By recognizing the interconnectedness of all things, we can begin to view our pain as a part of a larger process of growth and transformation that extends beyond our individual selves.

Confronting this call to action directly may reveal new insights and perspectives, potentially expanding our consciousness in new ways. By approaching the situation mindfully, new potentials can emerge that require careful cultivation. Rushing into action could hinder their growth, so taking a considered approach is essential.

To understand how the New Moon affects a specific chart, you must discover which house it falls in and its aspects. Your astrological journey starts here at

Olivia Martinez
Tuesday, March 21st, 2023

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