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April 28, 2023

First Quarter Square: Embrace Reflective Contemplation

— Olivia Martinez
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At the First Quarter Square, focus on reflecting on new information to make better decisions instead of taking immediate action. Tap into the contemplative energy of Mercury retrograde to gain a broader perspective.

This week ask yourself: How can I reflect and reevaluate to understand my present needs?

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The First Quarter Square commenced April 27th at 2:19 pm PT, with the Sun at 7° Taurus square the Moon at 7° Leo.

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Visual representation of the Soli-lunar cycle.

Archetypally, the First Quarter Square creates conditions where a person needs to act. However, the Mercury retrograde will shift how this Soli-Lunar cycle develops. Right now, the need for action is superseded by the need for decisions as new information sheds light on our current situations, providing a new outlook.

The March New Moon at 0° Aries sparked countless new ideas, leading to increased activity, new initiatives, events, and action within our social circles. While this burst of energy has been revitalizing, it may have also caused a sense of overwhelm or uncertainty about which direction to take next. We may have even experienced frustration in pursuing every idea without a clear understanding of which actions will lead us to sustainable success. Now is the time for this to shift.

Mercury retrograde is thought of as causing delays, miscommunication, and misunderstandings. However, it's also a time of introspection and reflection, where we can better understand our thoughts, feelings, and the world around us. During this period, we can take advantage of this reflective energy and reassess our goals, plans, and relationships. By reflecting on our experiences and examining our thoughts and emotions, we can gain more distance in the process of discerning our needs and assessing our situations. This objectivity can equip us with the knowledge required to make better decisions and confidently move forward. It's important to remember that the information we gain during this period may be in its early stages. We should remain open to gaining more insight over the next few weeks for improved decision-making based on a more comprehensive understanding.

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Sun at 7° Taurus is Sextile Saturn at 5° Pisces

The First Quarter Square also includes a sextile to Saturn in Pisces. When the Moon and Saturn join forces, we can focus on the essential things in life. Saturn asks us to accept life's limitations and to become willing to work within its confines with patience and discipline. If we complete our daily responsibilities with an accepting mindset, we can achieve expertise and mastery through diligence.

It's important to remember that taking care of our well-being is also a fundamental personal responsibility. When evaluating our goals, we should consider our emotional and physical state. The key is creating workflows and ways of living that are sustainable. A Saturnian approach to a task or situation would be to assess the needs of the moment objectively. We can excel in everything we do by accepting our commitments and refining our craft. It will also benefit us to avoid unnecessary actions until a genuine need for action arises

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Sun/Mercury conjunction at 11° Taurus on May 1st

On May 1st, there will be a Sun/Mercury conjunction, known as the Inferior Conjunction when it occurs during Mercury retrograde. At this time, a new seed idea may emerge for us as individuals and for the collective. From now until then, it is necessary to finish whatever open cycles require completion and take time to evaluate what happened during the Solar Eclipse. Given that this cycle is in Taurus, it's essential to exercise patience, take our time, and avoid making premature decisions. The astrological factors currently at play suggest that we should be patient and open to whatever new information comes in.

Looking ahead, we will have a Lunar Eclipse on May 5th, when even more information will be revealed. To comprehend the influence of the Moon Cycle on a specific chart, you can identify the house it is located in and its aspects with the Natal Chart. This can provide valuable insights into how we can best navigate the cosmic energies and use them to our benefit.

Olivia Martinez
Friday, April 28th, 2023

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