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April 20, 2023

Solar Eclipse: A Time for Transformation and Self-Discovery

— Olivia Martinez
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The Solar Eclipse is a powerful time to reflect on necessary changes and embark on a transformative journey. This influence challenges us to identify our inner motivations and create a more conscious inner world.

This week, ask yourself: What are my true motivations, and how can I align my actions with them?

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Solar Eclipse on April 19th at 9:12 pm PT with the Sun and Moon at 29° Aries.

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Solar Eclipses occur every six months, and the latest one commenced on April 19th at 29° Aries. In astrology, 29° is known as a "finishing degree" and marks both the ending and beginning of cycles, often bringing a sense of urgency or pressure to complete things. In a finishing degree, a Solar Eclipse can feel paradoxical. It carries the emergence of new seed ideas and events but also reminds us of unresolved matters that need attention. To find harmony between these conflicting energies, it can be helpful to acknowledge that every ending holds the potential for a fresh start, and life is a continuous flow between these two states.

A Solar Eclipse can powerfully affect our lives, especially when it makes strong connections to our Natal Chart. Eclipses are archetypal catalysts for change and push us to make shifts in specific areas of our lives. The effects of a Solar Eclipse, which can last for at least a month, may institute changes we will need to work on for the next six months or until the next Solar Eclipse. For this reason, it's essential to pay attention to what's happening during this time and reflect on what changes need to be made in our lives. Contrary to popular belief, eclipses are not necessarily negative or ominous. By navigating the challenges of an eclipse cycle, we can experience profound personal development and expansion.

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Sun/Moon at 29° Aries square Pluto at 0° Aquarius

During this cycle, Pluto also squares the Sun/Moon at 0° Aquarius. Pluto intensifies or amplifies whatever it touches and connects us to strong forces in the world and in ourselves. However, this can be challenging because it brings up repressed issues and inner motivations that are difficult to face. If we don't confront them, we may use force to push things forward, which can result in harmful outcomes. Therefore, it's important to identify the source of intense emotions and deal with them in a healthy way. Pluto represents the archetypal principle of "purity" or "essence," which helps us determine what is genuinely authentic within ourselves. However, this process can be challenging and requires effort, compassion, and healing. We must work to understand and connect with our deepest desires, motivations, and values. This involves being honest with ourselves and embracing both our strengths and weaknesses. Doing so can develop a stronger sense of self-awareness and authenticity. It's what Joseph Campbell called the "hero's journey," a process of exploring and experiencing life's deeper meaning. Taking responsibility for our reactions and emotions can create a sense of stability within. In turn, we feel more empowered to deal with life's challenges and navigate its twists and turns with resilience.

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Mercury goes retrograde April 21st at 1:34am PT at 15° Taurus

In just two days, we will also experience the Mercury Retrograde cycle, which will also ask us to review and look more deeply at some areas of our life involving our thinking and communication with others. Stay tuned when we will go deeper into Mercury Retrograde. By using this time to reflect and make positive changes, we can make the most out of the Soli-lunar Cycle and set ourselves up for growth and transformation in the months ahead.

Olivia Martinez
Thursday, April 20th, 2023

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