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June 17, 2023

New Moon: Uncertainty and Potential

— Olivia Martinez
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Navigate uncertainty and foster resilience by recognizing the potential of communication and meaningful connections.

Big Picture

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The New Moon in Gemini emphasizes effective communication and meaningful connections. A square to Neptune invites us to use our imagination and break free from ego-based expectations. While it may cause a sense of being adrift, embracing the unknown helps us grow.

Mercury in Gemini sextile Venus in Leo reminds us to express ourselves genuinely and support others' creativity. A Venus-Jupiter square is known for the tendency to take on excessive commitments, especially when Gemini is active. However, with Jupiter in Taurus, it can energize our actions and present long-term opportunities. Saturn's retrograde in Pisces calls for openness to restructuring, helping us develop inner strength to face uncertainty and its potential. Utilize Saturn's retrograde energy to focus on priorities and simplify.

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On Saturday, June 17th at 9:37 pm, the New Moon takes place at 26° Gemini.

Fundamental Idea

With the Moon at 26° Gemini the spotlight turns to the art of communication. This archetype embodies a love for learning and engaging in conversations. It appreciates a reciprocal flow of information and considers it a fundamental part of interacting with the world. Gemini seeks to share discoveries and build networks, resulting in juggling multiple tasks. The challenge of the Gemini archetype is to allow oneself the freedom to pause, feel deeply, and absorb experiences without reducing them to mere words.

Setting Expectations

The New Moon phase is inherently ambiguous, but it also promises potential. Like a seedling, we can nurture our ideas to help them blossom. It's best to welcome ideas but allow for the emergence of clarity before rushing into action.

With the Moon square Neptune in Pisces our minds are more open to new concepts, expanding our vision. This may be seen as a time of nebulousness, where there is no straightforward path. The Neptunian process invites us to let things unfold naturally and reveals that the desire for control or pushing for a specific outcome comes from fear and ego. Having unrealistic expectations or resorting to forceful methods creates a disconnect from the present moment, leading to disappointment. When we find ourselves trapped in expectations, we lose the ability to navigate life smoothly, like misinterpreting the tides.

Finding Support

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Saturn's retrograde in Pisces allows us to strengthen our foundation and review any missed steps. This earthy energy will enable us to manifest our vision by staying grounded and practical. Saturn rewards us for embracing the reality of uncertainty, which can be a source of fear and inspiration to focus on what we can control. We can develop sustainable living methods to cultivate inner strength and resilience during the retrograde. We build resilience and personal authority by confronting obstacles and handling life's pressures.

The square between Venus in Leo and Jupiter in Taurus puts energy and tension behind our efforts, but with Taurian simplicity and durability, we have the potential for lasting success. Taurus seeks to create, produce, and ground ideas while valuing physical comfort and attuning to the natural rhythms of life.

Mercury in Gemini and Venus in Leo remind us of the importance of genuine expression and creativity. By embracing our true selves and holding space for others to do the same, we can form communities that value each other's authenticity. Aligning with those who resonate with us opens up new possibilities for fulfillment. By valuing and embracing our unique contributions, we lay the foundation for real growth.

Bottom Line

This week, let's contemplate: How can I embrace opportunities for creativity and growth?

Recognizing the importance of genuine self-expression and embracing creativity leads us on a transformative path. When we feel restricted by others, it presents an opportunity to explore the roots of our inhibitions. Reflecting on past experiences of support or neglect provides valuable insights for personal healing and fosters an environment where our creativity can flourish. By building a strong inner foundation, we develop the resilience and adaptability needed to navigate life's challenges with stability.

Astrological interpretations are by Jim Sher of the Sher Institute of Astrology & Metaphysics.

Olivia Martinez
Saturday, June 17th, 2023

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