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May 28, 2023

First Quarter Square: Harnessing Creativity and Self-Expression

— Olivia Martinez
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The First Quarter Moon empowers precise communication in service of self-empowerment. Grasp creativity and innovation to foster fresh, untapped potential.

This week, ask yourself: How can I integrate creativity and self-expression into my daily life?

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The First Quarter Square began on May 27th at 8:21 am PDT, with the Sun at 6° Gemini square and the Moon at 6° Virgo.

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Over the past week, the Sun's transition into Gemini has encouraged us to communicate casually and gather ideas and information. Now with the Moon in Virgo, we are called to become more analytical and communicate in an intentional way. Clear and active communication is essential during this time, especially when new information is shared with us. By embracing focused, open expression, we unlock opportunities for growth and advancement.

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This chart also highlights a T-Square involving the Sun, Moon, and Saturn in Pisces. This configuration urges us to consider the consequences of our actions from a practical perspective. Saturn in Pisces may make us susceptible to negative thoughts and emotions like self-pity, disillusionment, or guilt. While it is natural to experience these feelings, it is important not to dwell on them for too long.

Dwelling on negativity for too long hinders progress and prioritizes comfort over growth. Instead, let's perceive things as they are without unnecessary complications. We must strike a balance—acknowledge these emotions while ensuring we don't remain stuck. By accepting and releasing them, we create space for positive change and new opportunities. Becoming aware of disempowering feelings helps us approach situations with grace and compassion. Saturn in Pisces embodies the archetype of compassionate boundaries, guiding us to validate our needs and accept ourselves and others. This influence can also impart emotional strength and help us establish inner stability.

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Transiting Jupiter is approaching a conjunction with the North Node at 2° Taurus, forming a trine with the Moon in Virgo. Here, the importance of realism shines through as we embrace the natural opportunities that come our way. Also, with three planets still in Taurus, we're reminded to be patient, determined, and persistent as we work toward our goals. At the same time, Mars in Leo encourages us to embrace our creative potential fully.

Leo is known for its grandeur and love for creative expression. It embodies the solar principle, representing self-empowerment. When we resolve to amplify our own solar power, living openly and unapologetically, we may face internal and external challenges. This is part of the journey to allowing ourselves to be seen. True empowerment in Leo comes from understanding that we are not the source of the light but its active expression. When we rest in this awareness, life becomes simpler. We act based on genuine needs, free from ego. As our path becomes clear, we find peace in creating simply for the joy it brings.

During this moon cycle, embrace your creative potential, empower yourself, and prioritize clear communication, emotional awareness, and personal growth. Happy exploration!

Astrological interpretations are by Jim Sher of the Sher Institute of Astrology & Metaphysics.

Olivia Martinez
Sunday, May 28th, 2023

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